Confused Over Feng Shui

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 - Feng Shui
Confused Over Feng Shui – It is a well-known fact that colour is an integral part of the Feng Shui approach. This becomes interesting when you are drawn instinctively to articles that are hybrids of two colours. You know the ones, some people call them blue, some of us declare they are green.

It might lead you to the point where you simply decide to revert to another shade altogether. Unless, it happens to be what colour specialist are calling the next new thing in colour. And what about grey? It has been said that grey is the colour of indecision. You have to consider the fact that it is not white, nor black, and that there are oodles of grey tones too. It makes you wonder if you should interpret that to mean that grey-brown eminates one thing and grey-green another.
It is enough to give me a headache. So, I am sure that some additional colour therapy research will help me make heads or tails of it all. Hence, back to the books I go.
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