Homage to the Perfect Country Garden Furniture

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 - Garden Furniture
Homage to the Perfect Country Garden Furniture – The ideal country garden would never be complete without faded floral tablecloths, frilly dainty printed chair cushions and layer upon layer of fabrics. To lay these upon anything other than a lovely iron table and chair set would be against the grain, and lead to a serious let down. There is a scene to be staged, and pieces that are non-negotiable. I learned this truth from my mother in law, and thank her for the lesson.

Surely you can visualize it, the breeze carrying the edges of the tablecloth back and forth in a lulling motion. It sweeps and swishes against the table’s legs. And in that vision sits a particular table, a metal one with romantic details. The sweeter the iron swirls, and curls the better. Perhaps it is the ability of the teardrop based legs of the chairs to dig into gravel, wood chips, or grass that makes it so preferable, or maybe it is its resilience to the weather’s impact. Or, that the shape is as dainty as the cloth that dresses it.
I suppose it doesn’t really matter, as its perfection to not only fit into, but accentuate a country garden is so well recognized. Oh spring, please do hurry, for the daydreaming is only getting me so far, and then the winter leaves its all too familiar mark.
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