Make a Plan Now to Reclaim Your Garden in Spring

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Reclaim Your garden in Spring – Whether you have an established garden with outdoor rooms, or a large vegetable patch there will always be something to do to it. For many a gardener this is the time of year where future plans are made, and solidified. It is oh so pleasing to get things set straight in your mind, or in my case on paper. Makes no difference if it is an elaborate scheme, or a vague outline to just get the image set in your minds eye works wonders.
reclaim your garden in spring

No matter what, you will want to be prepared, instead of being caught off guard. After all, as unlikely as it seems this year, spring could arrive early. Plus, it can be very encouraging to schedule those very tasks that must be completed to get your garden back into its full swing. It reminds us that spring must come sooner or later, and with it will be our return to outdoor living. Our reunion with Mr. Sun, the blue jays and all the rest of it.
make a plan now to reclaim your garden in spring

Reclaim Your Garden Bed for Spring Planting
Laying out a timetable for when you will pull out the tools, and when you will paint that garden gate make the change of season feel like it could be up and coming. Right around the corner in fact to replace that sense that sets in around this time that the winds will continue to blow gustily, ice will continue to cover the ground. Need some Outdoor furniture?

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