How to Make Use of Your wooden Sledge All Year Long

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 - Garden Furniture

A traditional wooden sledge – Though you may think of it more as a toy than a piece of furniture, I guess that is all down to how you use the sledge when it is not in the snow. With so many selections, including modern sledges, wooden sledges, grass sledges, inflatable sledges, budget sledges, and even sledge accessories there is a lot you can choose to do with the items when snow time is over. So, if you are holding out on buying one of these fun items because you think it will become yet another thing to clutter up you garage, think again.
toy than a piece of furniture

Hamax Davos Traditional Wooden Sledge
A traditional wooden sledge is a beautiful garden accessory in the warm months. Dress it up with potted plants that drape over the sides, or simply prop it up against a garden wall as a decoration. Get creative, and you will find that what once looked like a snow toy has now become an engaging decorative piece.

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