Spotlight on the Very Best Outdoor Furniture Fabrics

Spotlight on the Very Best Outdoor Furniture Fabrics – Of all the outdoor furniture I encounter there is none that appeals to me more than those pieces with retro prints. You know those fun filled fabrics involving retro waves, stripes, bubbles and squares. They bring a certain vivaciousness to an outdoor space, and bring more to an area than modest and meek greys, browns and blacks.

Surely, the colour combinations of mustard, citrus, bubblegum, hot pink, and bright greens are what make things so lively, but the whimsy of the childlike repetition definitely seals the deal for me. I still acknowledge that some spots will not work exceedingly well with this style, and thus solid fabrics are probably more appropriate. But, when and where these retro prints fit in, I say go for it. Even when the sun is not shining these fabrics bring a spirit that is nothing less than convivial and springy.

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