The Reason Why Wood Furniture Needs All That Oil

The Reason Why Wood Furniture Needs All That Oil – For those of us with wooden outdoor furniture, we are all familiar, or should be with the call for maintenance to it. Mostly, we have read about or heard about the need to coat the chairs, tables, and wooden accessories in oil. Otherwise, we should expect the beauty to diminish and the lifespan to be seriously compromised.

So, at least for me, I have been brushing oil onto our teak furniture religiously. Doing it the way I was told was required, in the direction of the grain, and not overlapping the strokes. In fact, this care has started to feel so repetitive that I bet I could do it in my sleep.

Then, last time I was doing the chore I began to wonder what the oil was really doing for the wood. After doing some basic investigating, I found that it was actually penetrating the wood in order to protect my rather pricey outdoor furniture from water, fungi and mould. In addition, it was acting a lot like a drink of water for my thirsty furniture, or more like a fortified glass of water I suppose. Now I think of this more like the upkeep a pet might require, and for some reason I do not dislike it as much.

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